Random access memories

In mid-2017, I unexpectedly got the opportunity to work in Melbourne. It was the first time in my life to go outside  to see the world, I had no concept at all, I just felt that I was going to travel to a far away place. The first thought was to take some pictures, so I prepared a lot of rolls of film, maybe a small sack, 30-40 rolls. I had four suitcases and a small carry-on suitcase full of film and two film cameras. This is my deepest memory of that life. Atfer that i changed a new job in Singapore.

From 2017 to 2019, I have been working and living overseas, during which I took a lot of random photos. After 5 years, these precious photos were decomposed and reassembled by me, and I tried to restore such a real and illusory memory in my mind. The memory of the past becomes more and more clear, like finding the garbage can in the brain, and the lost memory is restored one by one. Memories become tangible and real.

©️Tengteng Da


Melbourne, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Kuala Lumpur