The Lost Summer and Dead Poet

This summer is more sticky than the past.

Briefly left Tan Shi Road,

Not sure.

Need to disappear for a while,

But it seems that some changes are happening subtly.




Hong said: This picture is very much like before I died.

I had a big fight with Cao Yi, whom I hadn't seen for a year, about my habit of suddenly canceling my previous plans. She spoke as harshly as ever, and everyone else lost sleep that night except her.

Xuan seems to be a little open, but at a young age suffering from migraine, shoulder periarthritis, scoliosis hump, head forward...... Talking about eating my cold noodles every day! Cold noodles!

Dr. He is still heartless and buys his favorite photography books every day, and occasionally asks me to help him choose a few books.

Lei has become more and more fond of patting animals' butts, as if it were a good subject to get out of the loop.

After I left, Da dyed his hair the color of tomatoes and saw his humanoid career line, still gentle and pessimistic.

Stickman is active between 0 and 1 every day, and I have not really seen one side, so it should be fast!

Ordinary aunt looks more and more smooth, in their favorite areas gradually shine and heat, those things that are far away from me.

Less than 0.8% of the protein is secreted involuntarily.

Farther away at night, darker, the light from the distant stars made me sweat.

The newly made ciba is very sticky and waxy, and they are intertwined in the freezer.

That's how the summer ended.

Raised his head and took a deep breath,

It seems to smell the familiar fragrance,

Less than 0.8% of the time drift in the eye.

Suddenly want to eat acidic fruit.