Tengteng Da

  1. ZOOD
  2. Fish Bone
  3. Random access memories
  4. The most  leisurely delivery boy 
  5. A sudden gift
  6. Dorment desire
  7. The flower-centred world
  8. the lost summer and dead poet

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The rest of grey is soft.

This is my third attempt to take some pictures of home and people since I was introduced to photography. The first two didn't seem to go very well until those who share my last name and are related to me all gradually disappeared. I slowly convinced myself. With the mood not to regret, I tried to take some photos of them and myself.

This book contains some portraits of family members, but it does not mean that this is a family album. Family is a private part for me, and it's also a part that doesn't show up easily. All descriptions and filming are my memories based on my personal and emotional experiences. The original meaning of the Zu is a sacrificial utensil or a chopping board for cutting meat. I refer to it as a container with the attribute of time. The Zu can be a cutting board, a kitchen knife, or even a person.  

Photo book

Special Limited Edition: Limited to 5 copies

Specifications: 210 * 180 mm

Paper: 100 g new pure paper box: rain paper, shade paper

Binding technology: folding hardcover with set box

Photographier: Tengteng Da

Designer: Yi Cao